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I’m happy that I found Haruna and Eucliwood Cosplayers at anime north. :DD

82 followers! Thank you so much for the followings. ^__^

and Eu likes popsicles.

So how do you find out this anime, kore wa zombie desu Ka? My friend told me to watch it, I was like what is it about? He said zombie and some random stuff. I’m glad that he introduced this anime to me, it’s one of my favorite now. OwO

Yes, it is. :) Hi and welcome all of the Zombies, Masou Shojos, Necromaners and Vampire Ninjas! Feel free to
any confession relates to "Kore Wa Zombie desu ka? " **This is also my first time to run an anime blog, so hopefully this blog can last a little bit longer than I expect.
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